Pet Odour Spray

R 86.00

Pet Odour Spray neutralises odours associated with pets:

- urine smells from cats, dogs or other animals (eg. indoor accidents and marking of territory)

- litter boxes - sleeping areas, blankets and toys

- kennels and cages

- inside your car

- playful pets, including soiled paws and wet fur

- other pet associated odours.


Pet Odour Spray

-              has no hazardous ingredients and is safe if sprayed onto your pet.

-              is a powerful cleaner of pet stains.

-              is an all natural and biodegradable probiotic spray containing powerful, living microbes and their metabolites and

-              its use contributes to building a sustainable future for all.


No hazardous ingredients present; not hazardous to humans, animals, or plants.


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