Grey Water Clean 5ltr

R 299.00

Probio Grey Water Clean is an all-natural, probiotic solution for grey water treatment, containing millions of powerful microbes, and their metabolites specifically formulated to control odours in grey water systems.

Probio Grey Water Clean is produced using Advanced Probiotic Technology and contains millions of live and active microbes.

Probio Grey Water Clean injects millions of living, beneficial microorganisms that safely breakdown the organic component of grey water without producing foul odours. Probio Grey Water Clean works through the microbial digestion of ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other toxic organic compounds.

Probio Grey Water Clean is safe for use with plastic, fiberglass or concrete tanks and is all-natural and biodegradable so its use contributes to building a sustainable future for all.

Usage: Weekly dose: 1 ltr Probio Grey Water Clean per every 1000 ltrs of grey water (or part thereof). Pour directly into the tank or via a connection (eg basin/shower)

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