Probio, a South African developer and producer of probiotic based chemical alternatives, has added three new products to their versatile Household Range – Floor Clean, Kitchen Clean and Bathroom Clean. These products combine powerful probiotic technology with natural herbal extracts, leaving your home safe, clean and fragrant



These spray-and-wipe products are easy and convenient to use, as well as being extremely effective and environmentally friendly. They contain no hazardous ingredients and cause absolutely no harm to humans, animals or plants. Probio uses a special, natural formula which makes their products semi-translucent and colorless, ensuring that no staining or tinting occurs while you clean. The products are fragranced with natural herbal extracts, which have their own health benefits and therapeutic qualities, filling your home with soothing scents like lemon, rose and citrus.

Kitchen Clean, Bathroom Clean and Floor Clean are currently available from local retailers including selected SUPER SPARs nationwide. A full list of retailers is available on the Probio website ( The Probio online store will be launched in June, providing convenient access to their full range of products.

Floor Clean, Bathroom Clean and Kitchen Clean are new additions to the existing six products in the household range; Drain Clean, Odour Away+, Mould Away Septic Clean, Braai Clean and Proklean All Purpose Cleaner. They are all-natural and biodegradable, containing powerful, living microbes which, like all Probio products, harness the incredible benefits of probiotics.

Probio’s microbes break down organic matter more thoroughly and efficiently than traditional chemicals, eradicating even residual or deep-seated dirt. Kitchen Clean, Bathroom Clean and Floor Clean are excellent at removing stains and any other stubborn marks. Not only do they sanitize your home quickly and effectively, they also promote ongoing cleanliness by introducing ‘good’ bacteria into your home and therefore creating a lasting defense against harmful bacteria. The Probio Household Range now provides everything you need to keep your home clean, safe and all-natural.